About Us
Muhammadi Medical Trust is a private social organization registered with the government of Pakistan. The organization has been actively working in the Provincial capital Lahore since 1979, providing indiscriminate welfare services to the people.


1. Mr. Muhammad Shafeeq Janjua (Founder/Chairman)
2. Mr.Ch. Muhammad Saeed (Member)
3. Mr. Khursheed Ahmad Abassi (Member)
4. Mr. Altaf Zafar (Member)
5. Mr. Haji Khushi Muhammad (Member)
6. Mr. Sheikh Muhammad Riaz (Member)
7. Mr. Sheikh Muhammad Iqbal (Member
The main objective of the Muhammadi Medical Trust is to provide best possible medical facilities to Pakistani citizens under the supervision of senior doctors and consultants.
Achievements & Short History
• The project started in 1979 with a part time dispensary, housing a doctor and a dispenser in a rented shop.
• In 1984 construction of a three story building (Unit-I) was started.
• In 2004 the department of Eye diseases was opened in the clinic.
• The best available facilities in eye care and treatments spread the popularity of Muhammadi Medical Free Clinic and people of other    cities also started to get treatment here.
• In 2010 a Glaucoma Clinic was initiated in Muhammadi Eye Center.
• In the same year a Pediatric Eye Clinic was added to the Eye Center to provide eye treatment facilities to children.
• Due to increased number of patients availing the medical facilities of the Muhammadi Eye Clinic, construction of another building for    an Eye Hospital started in 2011.
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* Glaucoma
* Pediatric
* Operations


* Heart Diseases
* E.N.T
* Diabetics/High Blood Pressure
* General Ailments
* Ultra Sound


Account Name: Muhammadi Medical Free Clinic
Account Number: 0221-0100270
Soft Code: ALFHPKK221
Bank: Bank Al-Falah Limited (Shad Bagh Branch, Lahore)